Business & Entrepreneurship: Fashion, Media & Creative Industries

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  • Entrepreneurship focused

At a glance

  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Location: Online
  • Overall course fee: £795 (incl. VAT)
  • Start date: 24 June 2024

Upcoming Dates in 2024:  24th June, 7th October

Next Course: Start 24th June – End 16th August

This online short course is designed for anyone with an interest in exploring entrepreneurship and starting their own business in the fashion, media, and/or creative industries. Perfect for those wishing to investigate what is involved in developing new ideas, strategic planning, understanding the current marketplace and what it takes to identify and introduce a concept that engages with a select target audience.

The course provides second to none industry insights, key market trends, creative theory, business types and ethical practice, innovation and leadership traits.  With an integral focus on how to establish a clear business idea and go to market plan, you will also learn; how to recognise opportunities and research the potential of a business concept, who the main competitors of that business might be, how to write an effective business proposition and deliver a pitch.

Every week there will be a range of activities for you to complete.

By the end of the course, those who complete and pass all the course tasks and assessments will receive a Condé Nast Certificate of Achievement.

Upon successful completion of the course you will have gained:

  • a broad introductory knowledge of business and concept development,
  • how to research the potential of a new business idea,
  • start a creative/fashion business,
  • how to write a good business plan,
  • how to recognise and target a chosen audience,
  • pitching and selling a business idea.

This course will act as a good stepping stone on to other Condé Nast courses at higher levels.

Why choose this course?

The Conde Nast College has unrivalled access to the best and brightest minds in the industry, including the teams at Vogue, Wired, Glamour, GQ and a host of other Condé Nast titles. The College is in the elevated position of being able to combine academic excellence with unrivalled links to the fashion and media industry. This creates a unique educational environment for students to thrive in.

The expert contributors will include:

  • Teresa Havvas – Start-Up Consultant and Founder of The Advisory &
  • Harriet Posner – Programme Director and Author of Marketing Fashion
  • Jessica Megan – Influencer, Content Creator & Writer
  • Klara Zepp – Project Manager, Yinka Ilori
Without giving away too many spoilers... the Business & Entrepreneurship course taught me the milieu of the fashion industry in 2021 - 2022. This was invaluable, as it provided me with the tools to interpret culture through: art, fashion, and design - as a means of deciphering their narratives, what was important for the world at this moment in time, and how to address it appropriately. I became enlightened to modern issues in diversity, inclusivity and sustainability to name a few; and was then able to incorporate these into my business model.  Through watching Industry Guest Speakers, as well as digesting 6 weeks of modules: lectures, assessments, and further reading, I was able to create a fully-cohesive business plan; complete with a business pitch, market research, financial forecasting, business strategy, and more. To read the full review click here. Owen Mason, January 2022
I left the course feeling a huge sense of accomplishment that I could barely wait for my certificate to show up. I would definitely say this is a great course for anyone who is curious about the fashion industry or starting a business. Now I’m spending my days working on my passion project with the tools that I learned in the course. Hoping to make my dreams a reality someday soon! Click here to read the full review. Nicole Nelson, January 2022
As I was in the process of launching our company and brand, I was looking for a practical and hands-on online course, from a reputable institute, that would give me an introduction to the fashion industry, and support me through the company ideation journey. I certainly found it in this course, by combining live talks from industry experts and leaders, both in a large and smaller setting, with the great one-to-few sessions with the course leader supporting me through our product & market journey and always with open topics to discuss (also focusing on sustainability), and very relevant coursework serving as a base of any fashion start-up. The course work I prepared was based on a sound management approach to starting a company, and was used immediately to communicate to vendors and customers what our brand and products stand for. Jose Matias, Online: Business & Entrepreneurship: Fashion, Media & Creative Industries, August 2022
Through my time with Condé Nast College, I have enjoyed various courses including Digital Content Creation, Creative Direction, and most recently, Business & Entrepreneurship: Fashion, Media & Creative Industries. They all immerse you into an environment of innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking that motivates you from the very first day. Sharing your experiences with the rest of the class, and your course leader widens your perspective, and attending the industry speaker's lectures keeps you inspired through the entire course. To read the full review and see Uxias portfolio page click here. Uxia Martinez, Business & Entrepreneurship: Fashion, Media & Creative Industries, November 2021; Creative Direction May 2021; Digital Content Creation, February 2021

Course Award

By the end of the course, those who complete and pass the assessment will receive a Condé Nast Certificate of Achievement.

Course Outcomes

After this course you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of how to work toward starting a new fashion, media or creative industries business
  • Identify the key elements of a good business model, identify opportunities, recognise a target market and write a business plan
  • Acquire an introductory understanding of ethical business considerations related to the fashion and the creative industries
  • Recognise key fashion, media and creative industries entrepreneurs

The course is delivered entirely online and lasts six weeks with around 6-7 hours worth of online learning activities each week, along with guidance and advice on what to read, see and hear, followed by two weeks at the end of the course for you to complete your final assignments.

Course Schedule

The course learning activities can be accessed at any time and own pace.

Each week will have a set of activities that will need to be completed before the learner can proceed to the next week.

Most of the lectures are narrated, pre-recorded lectures by our academics and industry contributors. These can be watched multiple times and at any time within the week that they are set. 

Week 1 Ideas, Ideation & Design Thinking for Entrepreneurs
Week 2 Entrepreneurship as Business Strategy/ Business Purpose, Mission, Vision & Values
Week 3 Recognise and Reach Your Audience/ Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy & Brand Communication
Week 4 Market Research & Positioning / Business Innovation, Business Models, and Business Plans
Week 5 Finance & Pricing Strategy/ Ethics, Diversity, Inclusion & Equality
Week 6 Your Business Plan / The Future of the Fashion & Creative Industries
7 & 8
Complete your final assignments

Live Sessions

There will be two live events per week scheduled to accommodate any timezone. Recordings of the events will be available after and can be watched at any time.

Live Course Leader Sessions

Every week there will be a live online session with your course leader, where you can ask questions, and discuss anything with regards to the subject area, the course, and your experience with the College. Those sessions are not recorded, to provide for a safe and comfortable environment for all students to share their thoughts.

Required Technology

Hardware Operating System Visual & Audio

PC / Mac desktop

Mobile / Tablet device

Windows 7 or higher (recommended)

MAC OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or higher (recommended)

The latest operating system on mobile / tablet devices

Speakers and microphone or headset


Entry Requirements

This course has no academic prerequisites. It’s designed for anyone wishing to broaden their knowledge of how fashion is communicated and those wanting to explore an exciting and innovative way of learning from academics and experts from within the fashion industry.

Students must be aged at least 16 years old on 31st August at the start of the academic year in which they intend to join this course. An academic year runs 1st September-31st August annually. For the duration of the academic year, a student is considered to be their academic age for admissions purposes, regardless of when their birthday falls within that academic year.

English Language Requirements

There are no formal English language requirements for this course. However, if you are a non-UK student and English is not your first language, we recommend you have an Academic IELTS score of 5.5 or be able to use English at this level before commencing your studies. It is your responsibility to ensure you will be able to participate fully in a qualification delivered and assessed in English.

How to Apply

You can apply via the Book & Pay button on the course home page.

There are no application deadlines, however, places are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Multiple Online Course Bookings

Some students may wish to explore different subject areas and may want to consider more than one online course. To ensure the utmost satisfaction and effective engagement with the material, a maximum of two online courses can be booked by a student per intake. Our online courses are thoughtfully curated to provide comprehensive knowledge and valuable insights. While these courses offer flexibility and convenience through their online format, it is important to note that the content covered in each is extensive and engaging.

In addition to the self-paced learning materials, each course includes a number of scheduled live sessions, but booking more than two courses risks some of these important sessions overlapping. These provide the opportunity to interact with instructors and fellow students, fostering a vibrant learning community. By restricting course selection to a maximum of two, our online students are able to fully immerse themselves in the rich content and take full advantage of these valuable live sessions. We are committed to providing the best possible learning experience, and overcrowding the course load may compromise that experience.

We, therefore, encourage careful consideration of course subject selection and prioritise quality over quantity.

If you are accepted on to the course, you will be required to pay the full fee in advance in order to secure your place.

Alumni Discount

Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design offers course fee reduction to our alumni.

For complete fees information visit Terms and Conditions

Course Leader

Wendy Kay

Course Leader, Fashion Business expert and Educator.