Nicole Nelson, Business & Entrepreneurship Online, January 2022

Nicole Nelson Alumna Business & Entrepreneurship Online Course

Last year I started to look at ways to expand my knowledge about the fashion world and how that can be translated into a successful business. That is when I found the six week Business & Entrepreneurship online course at Condé Nast College. This course was perfect for me as it allowed me to continue working my full time job but also explore my passions. As I live in a different time zone than the UK (8 time zones away to be exact) I loved that all the sessions were recorded and promptly posted to allow me to watch them as fit my schedule.


The course was overall an amazing experience for me. While working through the modules along with feedback from my course leader and other students I was able to really spread my creative wings. One of the things my course leader said that really stuck with me is that “this is the creative industry, however you choose to do it is right, if it’s right for you.” I found this to be so encouraging and really allowed me to jump into the course and the materials with confidence. 


I left the course feeling a huge sense of accomplishment that I could barely wait for my certificate to show up. I would definitely say this is a great course for anyone who is curious about the fashion industry or starting a business. Now I’m spending my days working on my passion project with the tools that I learned in the course. Hoping to make my dreams a reality someday soon!