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Living in London

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Live and study in London - One of the world’s most exciting cities

Studying at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design in London is an exciting, engaging and uniquely enriching experience.

With its many museums, exclusive art galleries, theatres and cinemas, iconic music venues and clubs, London has something for everyone. 

And don’t forget the events!

The London Marathon, the Great Spitalfields Pancake Race, the New Year’s Eve Fireworks, Chelsea Flower Show,  Trooping of the Colour, Notting Hill Carnival, the PRIDE Parade, there's always something happening in London, so you always have plenty to do in your free time!


Study in one of the world’s most diverse cities

About a third of London residents were born in other countries, and more than 300 languages are spoken here. This means that wherever you’re from, you’ll be able to meet and spend time with people who are like you, and people who aren’t – making for a fantastically diverse and interesting studying, working and social life!


Achieve your ambitions

With an economy roughly the same size as Sweden’s, London produces more than 20% of the UK’s GDP. At the centre of world business, fashion and media, England’s capital city offers you an unparalleled variety of opportunities, giving you the greatest possible chance of achieving your ambitions.


Your campus

Condé Nast College is situated in a contemporary building in the heart of London’s creative and cultural hub Soho. Surrounded by numerous film, fashion and media houses provides unrivalled opportunities for professional networking and cultural experiences. The College is only a 10-minute walk away from the Condé Nast International Headquarters, as well as the iconic, Vogue House, which our students visit as part of their exposure to the professional world.


Costs of living in London

Estimates of how much money you will need may vary considerably, as the lifestyles and circumstances of individual students differ.

For a single student studying for a full year, an estimated average would be in the region of £800-1000 per month. This should be considered only as a guide; some students may find they can live within this allowance, yet others may find it insufficient to meet their expectations.

Additional expenses:

  • We recommend student have a mac laptop for the duration of their studies with us.
  • Our degree students have an opportunity to travel to NYC for a week long educational trip, as part of their studies.

Student Accommodation in London

While the Condé Nast College does not arrange accommodation on behalf of students, we have compiled a list of accommodation options for students studying in London. Please note these are suggestions not recommendations, and we encourage students to thoroughly research the numerous accommodation options and providers in London.

From boutique hotels and luxurious student accommodation to modest student shares, or privately rented flats, London offers a huge range of student accommodation options. You’ll have no problem finding something that suits your needs, interests and personalities.

The two most popular housing options for students studying in London are student accommodation services or privately rented flats. Taking into account the duration of your course, your budget, commute and familiarity with London, it is up to you to decide the most suitable option.

You may also be interested in discussing living arrangements with other accepted students. Once we have received your deposit payment, we will invite you to an online group where you can meet your fellow students and discuss coordinating living arrangements, should you wish to do so.

Find out more about the accommodation options on offer.