VOGUE Summer School

Condé Nast College offers a range of Vogue Summer School programs in London as well as at campuses in New York and Madrid.

In London, Vogue Summer School offers students ages 18+ a choice of two concentrated four-week courses that provide a broad introduction to either the world of fashion media or fashion business. Both courses provide insight into the world of fashion through the expert eye of Condé Nast & Vogue, with London as the backdrop giving access to galleries, exhibitions and the Vogue House experience. Each week students will have the opportunity to attend our industry expert event series – Vogue Education Presents – alongside all other Condé Nast College students allowing for opportunities to network and meet other students from around the world.

In New York, our Vogue Summer School offers a two-week summer experience for high school students ages 15-18 years old. Students can experience the fashion industry first-hand in the heart of New York City—one of the most important fashion capitals in the world — and can choose from specialized courses in fashion business, fashion styling, and fashion media.

Explore the Vogue Summer School programs in London and New York below.