Owen Mason, Business & Entrepreneurship online, January 2022

Owen Mason Owen Mason, Business & Entrepreneurship Online Alumni

Wow. What an experience. 

Prior to joining Condé Nast’s online course, I was in the process of setting up a Streetwear Clothing Brand called ‘Aliøn’ (www.alionstreetwear.com). I had developed the initial ideas for my business, its products, and the values I wanted it to exude as a result of a business degree I had taken previously. Yet, I wanted to level-up the fundamentals of my ideas. I didn’t realise the extent to which this was possible until I undertook Condé Nast’s Business & Entrepreneurship course.

I was initially attracted to Condé Nast, as I knew they had a prestigiously renowned reputation within the fashion industry, and as a result was excited to experience the cutting-edge quality of their contemporary teaching methods; and to ultimately become an alumni of such a fantastic college – building a network with their colleagues and like-minded students. 

Without giving away too many spoilers… the Business & Entrepreneurship course taught me the milieu of the fashion industry in 2021 – 2022. This was invaluable, as it provided me with the tools to interpret culture through: art, fashion, and design – as a means of deciphering their narratives, what was important for the world at this moment in time, and how to address it appropriately. I became enlightened to modern issues in diversity, inclusivity and sustainability to name a few; and was then able to incorporate these into my business model. 

Through watching Industry Guest Speakers, as well as digesting 6 weeks of modules: lectures, assessments, and further reading, I was able to create a fully-cohesive business plan; complete with a business pitch, market research, financial forecasting, business strategy, and more. 

I am now certain that I can move forward with a much more purposeful step, and have built a business that fully expresses my intentions as an individual. The lessons learned were actionable in more areas of my life than solely my business, as I was also able to apply a lot of the tools to my Artistry as @drxftkid also (www.drxftkid.com). I would love to join the college for further courses – perhaps in creative design – and will definitely make sure to keep in touch. 

I would undoubtedly recommend this course.