Jose Matias, Online: Business & Entrepreneurship: Fashion, Media & Creative Industries, August 2022

Jose Matias Online: Entrepreneurship Graduate

As I was in the process of launching our company and brand, I was looking for a practical and hands-on online course, from a reputable institute, that would give me an introduction to the fashion industry, and support me through the company ideation journey.

I certainly found it in this course, by combining live talks from industry experts and leaders, both in a large and smaller setting, with the great one-to-few sessions with the course leader supporting me through our product & market journey and always with open topics to discuss (also focusing on sustainability), and very relevant coursework serving as a base of any fashion start-up.

The course work I prepared was based on a sound management approach to starting a company, and was used immediately to communicate to vendors and customers what our brand and products stand for.