Uxia Martinez, Business & Entrepreneurship: Fashion, Media & Creative Industries, November 2021

Uxia Martinez Alumna online courses

I have always been in love with everything creative, even when I was just a little girl, I knew I wanted to be a designer. However, I was raised in a traditional home, surrounded by a functional, highly-productive, and ultra-focused environment. As a result, I ended up being an architect, which was the only design-related field of study considered “worthwhile”.

In Architecture school everything was strict. Your projects and designs were supposed to follow the norms, and they needed to be predictable. After my studies, I got two Master’s Degrees in Design and started my career as a Graphic Designer. However, it was not until I joined Condé Nast College through their online courses that, for the first time, I felt I had found my people.


The online courses allowed me to develop myself creatively, and to learn and better understand the fashion and creative industries. Most importantly, they gave me the opportunity to be heard, to feel understood, and to believe that my ideas are worth it and they matter.


Through my time with Condé Nast College, I have enjoyed various courses including Digital Content Creation, Creative Direction, and most recently, Business & Entrepreneurship: Fashion, Media & Creative Industries. They all immerse you into an environment of innovation, and out-of-the-box thinking that motivates you from the very first day. Sharing your experiences with the rest of the class, and your course leader widens your perspective, and attending the industry speaker’s lectures keeps you inspired through the entire course. 


I specially enjoyed the Business & Entrepreneurship course. It is not easy to find entrepreneurship courses tailored to the creative industries, and this one is clearly created for us. The entire course is curated from the eyes of a creative person that wants to launch their own business and take charge of their future. The beginning of the course focuses on ideation and the understanding of how we can take our ideas, and develop them into a business. We then learn the importance of our brand purpose and the tools to develop our mission and vision. Followed by business models, business plans, and finances, I found that the course gave me the perspective and business knowledge I was looking for as a creative. It took the business fear away from me and allowed me to feel more comfortable and competent.

Part of my current portfolio has been inspired by my experiences and projects at Condé Nast College. I invite you to have a look at www.uxiart.com