Alexander Ron

BA(Hons) Fashion Communication

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I am an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel and fashion industry, skilled in a range of fashion areas, from visual elements such as image making and graphic design, through media and marketing and the approaches used to sell fashion in a competitive global marketplace.

This course has intensified my knowledge and creativity and shaping me into a young professional.

Having achieved my Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Communication from Condé Nast College, I have driven activity in producing fields, fulfilling achievements in projects, presenting deliverables on time, and assuring a seamless encounter for all participants involved.

My Work

I have explored a broad range of fashion aspects, from branding and marketing to publishing styling. I enjoy visual communications, particularly creative direction and branding - all shown in my work.

Branding Project

Branding Project

Rebranded one of Israel’s leading fashion designers - Yaron Minkwoski.


COACH x Condé Nast College

It was our objective to execute an idea focusing on how we would explore different communication strategies to ensure maximum brand awareness.

Fashion-Flix - Fashion Communication Project

Fashion-Flix - Fashion Communication Project

My concept is one of the first platforms to access fashion as seen on Netflix. Providing looks, advice, and content runs primarily on Instagram and the website.

Styling Project

Styling Project

Styling project in collaboration with NAK shoes.

Magazine Cover

Publishing Project

Produced a men’s magazine targeting the young and ambitious.

About the course

BA (Hons) Fashion Communication is a two -year fast track degree programme, delivered from our campus at Soho, London.