About the Course

This industry-focused programme aims to support and empower students to plan, develop and launch a start-up business. By the end of the course students will be equipped with the relevant transferable professional skills required to produce industry appropriate business propositions within fashion or the wider creative industries.

This is a broad and forward-thinking programme that examines a range of areas, encouraging the exploration of opportunities for establishing sustainable, contemporary creative businesses.  An emphasis will be placed on developing the right industry knowledge and highly practical business skills required for the development and management of a new venture.

By the end of this unique and multi-disciplinary course each student will have:

  • Developed a product or service concept
  • Carried out extensive market research into a sector and target customer
  • Identified a suitable business model
  • Designed a brand identity
  • Written a business plan
  • Created promotional material for a business launch

The College will support the development of an effective transition from student to business owner, connecting theoretical knowledge, business model application, academic study and industry thinking with contemporary entrepreneurship in the creative industries.


The focus of the MA Entrepreneurship: Fashion and Creative Industries is to encourage and support students to launch their own business, facilitating development of transferable skills needed to develop and manage a brand.

The course will also examine corporate entrepreneurship and enterprising activity within existing organisations and explore opportunities for careers within those creative businesses. Entrepreneurial skills and traits are valued highly by employers and students will also examine the benefits of gaining industry experience before deciding to launch a business in the future. Possible employment opportunities relevant to each business concept will be examined individually, dependent on the needs and circumstances of each student.

The unique positioning of the College and broad range of industry contacts provides opportunities for possible next steps for any ‘intrapreneurs’ that would prefer to develop business propositions within existing organisations. Careers advisors and course tutors will support students with their career aspirations during and after the course, utilising Condé Nast International networks and professional relationships across the wider creative industries.