Dana Shapira

MA Entrepreneurship: Fashion And The Creative Industries

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I am an innovator and creative. My professional and educational background is in marketing within the creative industries: art, beauty, fashion, and design. Prior to this course, I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Combining creativity with entrepreneurship was ideal for my personality and growth.

This course helped me find confidence in myself and my ideas. I now take action on my aspirations.

Throughout the course, I investigated the cosmetics market and found a gap that I could not ignore. This led me to finding my own men’s correcting and enhancing self-care brand: Last Night for Men. A positive space for inexperienced men to explore correcting and enhancing self-care products.

About the course

The MA Entrepreneurship: Fashion & Creative Industries provides a unique learning environment for students, introducing entrepreneurship and business-thinking specific to fashion and the creative industries.