Vogue Education Present: Anne-Marie Verdin-Mulot – Fashion and Positive Change

Anne-Marie Verdin-Mulot at Vogue Education Presents

Condé Nast College was delighted to welcome Anne-Marie Verdin-Mulot, Director of Digital Marketing and Communications at Value Retail, as a part of the weekly industry speaker series for Vogue Education Presents. MA Luxury Brand Management student, Iman Zahid Hafeez, reports…


About Anne-Marie Verdin-Mulot


Anne-Marie Verdin-Mulot is the Director of Digital Marketing and Communications at Value Retail. She is an expert in marketing and communications, specialising in driving brand and business growth for luxury, fashion, and lifestyle brands. With over 15 years of experience, she has held leadership positions in the marketing and communication teams at Mulberry, Harrods, Galeries Lafayette, and Bicester Village. She has also gained expertise in brand stewardship and marketing from her time at Ogilvy and Disney.


Throughout her impressive career, Anne-Marie has worked with distinguished creatives such as Annie Leibowitz, Tim Walker, Jean-Paul Goude, Cara Delevingne, and Richard Quinn. She is passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology, including digital, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Extended Reality (XR). She has a strong background in technology, having worked at Yahoo! and La Television Par Satellite. 


Currently, she is working with AI at Oxford University, where she focuses on integrating the latest digital and generative AI techniques to enhance the pace, productivity, and return on investment of annual marketing plans.

Anne-Marie Verdin-Mulot at Vogue Education Presents

How To Run a Luxury Brand Today

Anne-Marie, shared her wealth of knowledge and experience with CNC students. She offered valuable guidance on excelling in the workforce by leveraging industry changes, from discussing trends and technologies to exploring effective communication techniques. Anne-Marie equipped students with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape, and her mentorship left them feeling inspired and empowered to embark on their professional journey. Here are Anne-Marie’s top tips on how to run a luxury brand today.


  • Speak the language of tomorrow: In the ever-changing business environment of today, it is essential to stay ahead of the competition. To position ourselves as the leaders of tomorrow, we need to project this image through our appearance, and networking. This involves carefully selecting the language and visuals we use in our communication.


  • Simplify complexity: By breaking down complex concepts and ideas into simpler terms, we can make them more accessible, thus easier to understand. This not only helps us communicate more effectively but also enables us to find practical solutions and make informed decisions.


  • Make friends and influence people: One of the most crucial skills in today’s world is the ability to connect with people emotionally and empathetically. Building rapport and friendships plays a vital role in achieving success in any field, and it’s a skill that anyone can develop. It is important to constantly strive for personal growth and acquire knowledge every day. The world is evolving rapidly, and it’s essential to be adaptable and keep up with the pace. Otherwise, we risk being left behind.


  • Understand your audience: Today, we can access information on any topic within seconds. With such a wealth of information available, it is crucial to understand the preferences, needs, and behaviours of the target audience. This allows us to customise the message in a way that resonates with them and motivates them to take action. Anne-Marie emphasised the importance of this; “be uber efficient, there’s no excuse to not be efficient today.”


  • Fire up the desire: Fashion is irrational, while AI is rational. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance between rational and irrational thinking in the luxury industry, particularly when it comes to generating desire. Desire is an irrational emotion that cannot be solely created through rational means. It is cultivated through various elements such as design, distribution, pricing, and communication. To generate desire, we must excel in all these aspects.


  • Think colour and life: Another way to capture attention and engage the audience is to infuse our work with vibrancy, creativity, and vitality. By thinking outside the box and utilising innovative techniques, we can create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression.


Show me the money: Lastly, it is important to demonstrate tangible value and potential returns on investment. This will help showcase the financial benefits of our endeavours.

Anne-Marie Verdin-Mulot at Vogue Education Presents

Anne-Marie Verdin-Mulot’s visit to Condé Nast College was a fascinating and educational experience. She provided valuable advice regarding AI, highlighting its immense potential to revolutionise the luxury industry. According to her, AI can be a valuable tool that helps improve professional performance, particularly in areas where an individual lacks proficiency. Anne-Marie emphasised, “The best piece of advice is a bit like yoga; you just have to start doing your daily practice and gradually learn new skills one step at a time…”


Words by Iman Zahid Hafeez – MA Luxury Brand Management and Business student

Photos by Annelee Kiiddjian – MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media student