MA Fashion Journalism students launch new podcast

MA Fashion Journalism students launch new podcast

MA Fashion Journalism Podcast

Condé Nast College’s MA Fashion Journalism students are delighted to launch a new 3-part podcast entitled ‘Imperfect Change Makers’. The podcast discusses prominent issues surrounding the conversation of the future of the fashion industry and sustainability.


Each episode focuses on a different topic, but centres on highlighting an unfiltered conversation about the positive changes in the fashion industry and how they are affecting Gen Z. All three participants are CNC fashion journalism students, Manica Pathak, Saydee Brown and Madeleine Guine – who may all study in the heart of London – but bring an international perspective having come from India, England and France respectively. 



Podcast themes


  1. How to be sustainable, and when at times not succeeding, how not to feel guilty about it. This episode explores different insights and knowledge around shopping sustainably. 
  2. The lure of fast fashion: “I want to make a change, but I spent £200 at Zara”. This episode reflects on the social / marketing pressure of shopping fast fashion in a consumerist society and the importance of fashion and self expression. 
  3. Greenwashing: “I want to make a positive change, but I still don’t fully understand what Greenwashing means”. This episode looks toward the future of fashion and the shift towards sustainable practices in fashion and the hindrance of brands Greenwashing. 


The students were led on this project by Marcus Agerman Ross, radio presenter and Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Jocks & Nerds Magazine. Marcus explains how “The MA Fashion Journalism students recently undertook a module requiring them to conceive, produce and host a mini-series that had the potential to be developed into a long-running format. For this, they chose to focus on themes around the idea of the ‘future of fashion’. They developed three episodes in total, each considering a particular topic that they felt was important and relevant. 



The idea was to get the students to think differently about journalism – not only in terms of the format but also how they could discuss subjects in a new way, how they could engage and interact with their audience and how they could bring their own voices and personalities into the podcast – and what impact that could have on the tone and editorial vision. 


Based in the heart of the Soho community, naturally it made sense for Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design to collaborate with Soho Radio for this project. Aside from actually recording the series in one of Soho Radio’s podcast studios, the students had access to technical assistance at the station. They also met with the radio production manager who gave them invaluable insight into the day-to-day operations as well as the benefits and values of independent, digital radio in the 21st century.


The students really valued the opportunity to create their podcasts in a professional environment.”



The MA Fashion Journalism programme is a unique industry-focused programme that allows students to learn the craft of fashion writing, editorial practice and content creation. The course is structured as part-academic content, part-technical workshops plus independent research and masterclasses from leading industry professionals – in order to explore the multi-faceted creative, commercial and critical dimensions of print, digital and experiential fashion media. 


The first episode of the podcast will be made live next week.


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