Why studying a Masters Degree is good for your job prospects

studying Masters degree

Discover why studying a Masters Degree is good for your job prospects and can help benefit you in your career with a wide-ranging postgraduate curriculum available at Condé Nast College. 


The power of postgraduate


Studying for a Master’s Degree at Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design can be a gateway to a better job and a more fulfilling career.  In fact, postgraduate education, in general, seems to be of greater value in the employment market than ever before.  According to the government’s latest Graduate Labour Market Statistics, the chances of ending up in high-skilled work are twenty percent higher for someone with a postgraduate qualification rather than only a Bachelor’s degree, and that level of advantage is growing year-on-year.

The benefits of a postgraduate degree are also financial.  The survey also reports that full-time employed, working-age postgraduates had a median salary of £42,000 in 2019, compared with £34,000 for working-age undergraduates – that’s almost a quarter as much again.

It seems inevitable as we come out of the pandemic that competition for good jobs is going to be tougher than it has been for some years.  There will undoubtedly be situations where that extra qualification could be the difference between landing that dream job or not.



Studying a Masters at Condé Nast College


So where do Master’s Degrees from Condé Nast College take you?  The following examples are all taken from the classes which completed their courses in 2020.


  • One student has had an article published in Vogue (both print and online)
  • One student has completed a communication internship at Erdem since graduation
  • One student achieved employment within 4 weeks of submitting her final project, commencing work as a Style Advisor and Studio Assistant with premium fashion designer Hayley Menzies based in London
  • One student has begun to write for local Italian platforms
  • One student has been freelancing in California in marketing and content production


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Launching your own business with Condé Nast College

Four students have successfully launched their own businesses:

– the graduate who launched Matilde Jewellery sold out their first collection in just a few weeks and has received significant coverage in both Condé Nast and Independent jewellery/luxury publications.

– another founded Be.MyJourney, an ethical and sustainable travel company. In spite of the restrictions on travel caused by the pandemic the site’s audience is growing rapidly 

Tiffannee Marie Creatives is a creative agency specialising in brand services for market penetration, public communications and visual strategy, particularly in relation to youth culture.  The student behind this business actually did so during their studies

– the student behind Silked London also registered the business as a limited company while on the programme and is due to launch in earnest this year.  The student graduated with a full collection of silk garments designed and manufactured in London and a number of boutiques have agreed to stock the products once stores reopen.

  • One student had the opportunity to pitch their final Masters project idea, a redesign of a Vogue app, to the Conde Nast product development team. 
  • One student is continuing to develop her Masters Project – an educational content platform aimed at the Italian market and soon to go live 


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