Alexandra Kutas Visits Condé Nast College

Alexandra Kutas Visits Condé Nast College

The world’s first runway model in a wheelchair, Alexandra Kutas, visits the Condé Nast College to talk networking, inclusivity and diversity. 

Alexandra Kutas visits the Condé Nast College

The industry speaker on campus last Tuesday was Alexandra Kutas, an activist and the world’s first runway model in a wheelchair. During this panel, Kutas orally mapped her experience using fashion as a method of facilitating social change. From her first encounter with the notion of ‘beauty,’ to the achievements she has earned and the obstacles she has overcome along the way.



Network with people you admire


Scouted in a café by a photographer when she was sixteen, Kutas quickly learned that she possessed an aptitude for modelling. She remarked on how important networking has been for her career since then, which is a truism of the industry at large. She noted, however, that it was networking with people whom she admired that truly helped her achieve her goals. This idea was highlighted by her sentiment that “no matter how amazing you are, you cannot change the world by yourself – you need a team who shares the same dreams and beliefs” as you. Especially when that dream is so much bigger than yourself.


Alexandra Kutas Conde Nast College


Persistence pays off


Kutas’ contribution to the fashion industry is underscored by her dedication and belief in inclusivity and diversity. When faced with adversity, she consistently persisted and sought out opportunities to excel in her career. She showed up, sent emails and wrote 300 letters to agencies while cultivating her career from its fledgling status the notoriety she has today. 

Alexandra Kutas Conde Nast College

Just last year she was invited to the British Fashion Awards for the work she’s done. This includes co-founding the adaptive clothing company PUFFINS. Her philosophy for the brand, and adaptive clothing at large, is simple: respect the needs of others. Kutas noted how she hopes CNC students we will go forth into the industry minding the experiences of others and that we make an impact on the world that will outlive us. I have no doubt that Kutas’ wisdom, advice and inspiring story will leave not only an impression on our work in the years to come, but an impression on the world at large. Can’t wait to see how her work progresses in the future.    

By Megan McClelland, MA Fashion Media Practice


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