Vogue Summer Intensive Week 4 Recap

Vogue Summer Intensive Week 4 Recap

Our last week at the College came upon us far faster than we thought – you know the saying, and we were definitely having fun…

The week started with a series of lectures from the academic team; over the duration of the course we have all come to appreciate their expertise and passion for their individual subject areas. Careers advice from Samantha and Zoe, as well as from the recruitment teams at Conde Nast and ASOS, was a highlight of the week. Their guidance on how to break into the industry was invaluable and provided great inspiration for our career paths.

The last week was one where we squeezed every inch of each day to be as productive as possible. The opportunity to work with a real production team, creating and styling our interpretation of fashion classics was certainly the pinnacle of the course for many.

Moreover, our context lessons on fashion in the 80’s and 90’s finished our fashion timeline with a lesson on how the effects of branding have changed the game, all followed by a visit to the Institute of Contemporary Art’s exhibition showcasing the work of super-stylist Judy Blame.

We deliberated the future of fashion and its evolution in the 21st Century, as well as considering the future of magazine publishing and the media industry. This involved delving into the ethical issues facing the fashion industry and we realised that it is our generation, as we enter the industry, that will be responsible for delivering the real change needed to ensure that fashion no longer exploits human or environmental resources. It is topics like these that have made our education over the past four weeks so well rounded; the course was never superficial and always taught with depth and consideration.

One thing we discovered during our time here is that Conde Nast loves a champagne celebration! Our final day did not fail to please with a sunny afternoon on the terrace to applaud and reflect on our time here. Presented with certificates of completion, we basked in the London sunshine sun with our new found friends from all over the world, before sadly saying our goodbyes.

The Vogue summer intensive experience not only inspired us to realise our love of fashion, but also made it all seem possible. The grounding that the college was able to give us in just four weeks shows the strength and expertise of the institution and the effectiveness of the course. We thank the staff team for making this journey everything that it has been – you may find that many of us will return faster than we thought on arrival…