Vogue Summer Intensive Week 1 Recap

Vogue Summer Intensive Week 1 Recap

The first week of the Vogue Intensive Summer four-week program has been an exciting one. Day one was jitters, excitement, outfit decisions and the new school dread of will I make any friends? Within the first hour these feelings were resolved as we came to realise great students, great staff and well, a relatively cool and welcoming experience surrounded us.

After the introductions to the course and our surroundings were over, we got stuck into our first lecture on the evolution of fashion. These history lectures have evolved throughout the week to modern day fashion and societies contributing influences on trends. It’s safe to say minds were blown with new knowledge lodged forever in our brains.

The V&A visit to the Undressed exhibition was a highlight for us, as most of us tourists were excited to see a bit of London and relate our fashion history lectures to real life garments. The final Alexander McQueen and Eli Saab gowns made us gush and the miniature corset waists made us swoon.

More friendships were made as we were assigned our first project of creating a DPS still life shoot for Gina shoes. Planning and prep has begun as we have been pushed for the most innovative and high-end outcomes with shooting in the studio next week.

The reality of the prestige of the College hit home with the numerous Vogue staff brought in to enlighten us on their careers (again mind blown). We began with the bubbly News Editor Julia Hobbs who presented us the Vogue exclusive trend reports yet to be released. We then had our Principal and Conde Nast royalty Susie Forbes chat to us about her old role as Vogue Deputy Editor giving us a wider understanding on the Conde Nast empire. Finally, promotions duo Abigail Volks and Maja Haveman gave us insight into the advertising and moneymaking side of the magazine and the real fun they have in their place of work. All such incredible lectures, and all giving us die hard ambitions to work for the brand.

We continue to blink to make sure we aren’t dreaming as we look forward to another week of fun fashion filled good times.