Vogue Education Presents the Vast Array of Careers in the Fashion Industry

Creative Directors of Joseph talking at Vogue Education Presents

The new academic year saw a shake up of the Vogue Education Presents student led team and with it an exciting new roster of talks. Here, we take a look at some of the highlights from the last year to date as well as looking ahead of the industry talks to come. 


BA Fashion Communications & Industry Practice student, Charlotte Coates joined the Vogue Education Presents team this academic year, and here, she takes us on a tour of the talks that have stood out the most to her so far…  

Sarah Harris at Vogue House in the boardroom.

From Vogue to Hermès


We had 23 talks in 2023. This year, our speakers took us places. We started the year at the much beloved Vogue House, for our keynote speaker, Sarah Harris (Global Network Lead and European Deputy Editor of Vogue). Harris shared her passion for print magazines and the importance of hard work. 


A similar bastion of the industry, Bertrand Michaud has worked for Hermès for almost thirty years. His extensive knowledge of the luxury brand and its values contributed significantly to the success of the brand. Bertrand Michaud impressed our students by arriving on his Hermès bicycle and matching polo helmet.

Hanuska Toni, founder of Sellier speaking at Vogue Education Presents at the Condé Nast College, London.

Sustainable Fashion Practices


The talks covered a wide variety of subjects from publishing to sustainability and fashion psychology. The diversity of expertise offered reflects the multifaceted nature of the fashion industry. We heard from sustainability advocates including Hanuska Toni, founder of Sellier, indicating the industry’s commitment to addressing environmental and ethical concerns. This being an industry with a global reach, our speakers conveyed a shared understanding of navigating the complex international fashion landscape. 

Ellie Goldstein on the cover of British Vogue

Inclusive Modelling Talent


This year also saw the inaugural Honorary Fellowship talk of Laura Winson. The co-director of Zebedee, the first inclusive global talent agency spoke about the importance of representation in the industry and highlighted the underrepresentation of disabled individuals in advertising compared to actual percentages in the UK population. 

Albert Read speaking at the Condé Nast College London

Author Albert Read


A standout highlight for me this year was Albert Read, who generously shared insights from his remarkable book, ‘The Imagination Muscle’. Not only did his passion ignite inspiration for my latest project, but it also offered me a fresh perspective on the significance of journalism. The blend of poignant yet classic references, coupled with essential reminders, makes it an enjoyable and enlightening read.

Lisa Armstrong in conversation with Anna Lundbäck Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr at the Condé Nast College London


Another great highlight for Vogue Education Presents was the in conversation with the creative minds behind Joseph – co-creative directors Anna Lundbëck Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr, alongside fashion journalism icon Lisa Armstrong, author, journalist and Head of Fashion at The Telegraph.


Sabrina Bahsoon Tube Girl in conversation with Chloe Janssen at Vogue Education Presents 

Vogue Education Presents


The seats were not merely occupied by students from the college, but vibrant participants, actively involved in the conversation. This unique perspective, granted to Condé Nast College students from their very first week, offers an insider’s track to the industry. The Vogue Education Presents community becomes a catalyst, fostering creativity, passion and innovation among the upcoming generations of the industry. 


Looking forward to the future, fellow Vogue Education Presents Host Charlotte Bendkowski speaks about her experience, “I’ve hugely enjoyed joining the VEP team and am thrilled to tease some incredible entrepreneurs that we all know and love to coming to Condé Nast College next term… including a fireside chat I’ll be hosting with a certain award-winning multi-faceted activewear CEO, podcaster and influencer”. 

Our spring term is set to keep up the pace with the likes of Grace Beverley, Founder TALA and Shreddy as our keynote speaker for the term, as well as stylist William Gilchrist, and Emily Austen gracing the Vogue Education Presents stage.

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By Charlotte Coates, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Industry Practice second year student