Vogue Education Presents – Richard Habberley, Supermodel agent, author and Founder of Perspective Management

Richard Habberley Vogue Education Presents at Condé Nast College

Condé Nast College was delighted to welcome Richard Habberley, a prominent supermodel agent, author, and founder of Perspective Management as part of our weekly industry speaker series, Vogue Education Presents. 

About Richard Habberley


Richard Habberley, the man often hailed as ‘super-agent to the supermodels’, is an icon in the world of fashion. After making significant contributions at DNA Models and Models1, he established London-based agency, Perspective Management in 2022, carving a distinctive niche in the fashion sector. His impressive roster includes some of the industry’s most celebrated names, like Naomi Campbell, Emily Ratajkowski, Adwoa Aboah, Linda Evangelista, and Gisele Bundchen, underlining Habberley’s indisputable influence.

The agency’s core goal is to “provide excellent management for exceptional people”, a philosophy that has guided Habberley’s illustrious career. Beyond his role as an agent, Richard is also an accomplished author. His 2018 book, ‘Memorabilia,’ offers an evocative journey through the vibrant London club scene of the 1980s. Captured through an array of polaroids and photo booth snapshots, the book masterfully captures an era where style and imagination were not just expressions but gateways to a world of thrilling possibilities.

Richard Habberley in conversation 


In a captivating conversation with BA Fashion Communication & Industry Practice student, Gabriel Summerfield, Richard enthralled students with stories from his dynamic career and imparted crucial industry insights. He likened his role to a ‘conductor of stress,’ skillfully navigating the high-pressure environment of the fashion industry.



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“The team is the most important thing to me, because on your own it’s just your ego”

Key Insights from Richard Habberley’s Talk


1.  The Power of Specialization: Richard emphasised the importance of finding and owning a niche in the fashion landscape, citing his own focus on luxury fashion as a testament to the value of specialisation over being a ‘jack of all trades.’


2. Teamwork: Richard discussed the significance of collaboration and nurturing relationships in fashion, asserting that a strong team often surpasses the benefits of working solo.


3.  Passion: Richard emphasised that a genuine love for fashion is crucial for success, especially when choosing models to represent. Urging students to fully immerse themselves in the industry.


4.  Modesty: A surprising, yet strategic piece of advice from Richard was on the art of underselling oneself. A tactic that leaves room for exceeding expectations and truly shining.

Richard Habberley’s talk was not just a narrative of his professional exploits; it served as a beacon of guidance for those aspiring to make their mark in the fashion industry. He inspired students with his deep understanding of the sector, covering the intricate aspects of talent management and industry networking.

Students left the room not only with enriched knowledge of the fashion world but also with a deeper appreciation for the diverse experiences that shape industry leaders. Richard’s journey, showcased both his professional and personal milestones, it underlined the profound impact of embracing individuality and emphasised the importance of having a strong vision when building a successful fashion career. 

By Damilola Odeyemi, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Industry Practice student