Vogue Education Presents: Dr. Nadia Morozova 

Dr. Nadia Morozova

Vogue Education Presents welcomed Dr. Nadia Morozova, Chief Analytics & Insights Officer Brand, Marketing & Communications at EY London – an insights and quality service, helping companies build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies on a global scale. MA Fashion Journalism and Editorial Direction student, Trista Bowser reports.


About Dr. Nadia Morozova


For most, analytics is a job, however, Dr. Morozova turned her passion for analysis and research into a career. This passion started at school when she completed her first research report. At college she immersed herself in projects to improve her overall analytical skills. During her free time, she would work on research projects to practice and learn more about the industry. When she was researching for her senior dissertation, she was unsure of the route that she wanted to take following graduation, however, after graduation, Dr. Morozova learned to put consumers to the forefront of her research – this led to her successful career as chief analytics and insights officer. Visiting the Condé Nast College, Dr Nadia Morozova shed light on her interesting and important role and how it plays a vital role in marketing.


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A day in the life of Dr Morozova


For Dr Nadia Morozova, there are two essential pillars woven into her everyday work environment: building strong relationships with internal stakeholders, and partnering with stakeholders outside of the organisation. 


To build strong relationships with all stakeholders, Dr. Morozova and her team must determine what their challenges are, their key needs, and address any questions that they might have. This is the most important day-to-day task that her team faces. They must establish answers to questions and meet the needs of the stakeholders. They drive analytical research projects learning something new everyday.  A secondary activity is testing ideas by researching different trends within the industry to gain an overall understanding of stakeholders outside of the organisation.


“My main mission is to really bring the customer into the forefront of our decision making” -Dr. Nadia Morozova


What Inspires Dr Nadia Morozova


Dr Morozova wants her team to be inspired by supporting their stakeholders and helping them in their decision making process. Customer insights are something that allows them to grasp their understanding of the business and allows them to figure out the depth of their data through research. This grants them very specific recommendations to give to their stakeholders. Based on their findings, it makes it easy to understand what steps businesses need to take in order to appeal to customers. 

Working for TikTok


Most people are aware of the influence that TikTok has globally, but not many consider the analytics when endlessly scrolling late at night. Having worked with the social media giant for two years, Dr. Nadia Morozova explains that analytics in such a big company are all about building the big picture of consumer behaviour. Gaining a perception of the consumer mindset helps businesses to know what will be successful in industries such as fashion. Identifying key trends by using intelligence sources along with internal sources are the two most common approaches to gathering this data.


Furthering Her Education


During her time spent while earning her PhD in Behavioural Science and Consumer Neuroscience at University of Warwick Business School and University College London, Dr Morozova focussed on emotional and cognitive traits of consumer decision making in digital and ecommerce. After doing much research and still not fully understanding the cognitive results, she went to the library late one night to do her own research. This sparked her interest in what she could do for her PhD. She realised what was really calling her: differences in the brain. During her talk she interestingly explained that unplanned purchases are related to cognitive involvement and impulse purchases are related to the emotions behind it.


“We shouldn’t be afraid of someone taking the lead in different moments of time. I think the direction and the trend is very clear, but now it is about building this partnership with customers and starting the conversation.” -Dr. Nadia Morozova


During the talk, Dr. Morozova spoke about the importance of watching how consumers are reacting to purchases, as well as the motives for purchasing and how businesses need to keep the customer front and centre to meet their changing needs.