Vogue Education Presents: Charlotte Collins – Editor-in-Chief of Sheerluxe

Charlotte Collins, Editor in Chief for SheerLuxe wearing a powder blue shirt and trousers sitting down at the Condé Nast College in London.

Condé Nast College was delighted to welcome Charlotte Collins, Editor-in-Chief of SheerLuxe, as a part of the weekly industry speaker series for Vogue Education Presents. MA Fashion Journalism & Editorial Direction student, Nadège Mustafa, reports.

About Charlotte Collins


Trailblazing fashion and lifestyles publishers, SheerLuxe, have been making their mark on the industry since launching in 2007. With a devoted fan base, their audience spans podcast listeners, social-media followers and readers, all of whom consume the wide variety of content published daily on their various channels; from TikTok and Youtube to their website;, their brand engagement is at an all time high. Charlotte’s role as Editor-in-Chief of SheerLuxe makes her an authoritative voice on all things fashion, beauty, culture, life and home.  


Before joining Sheerluxe (where Collins has now worked for 8 years) Charlotte  started her career interning and freelancing at renowned brands such as French Vogue, Burberry and GQ. Having joined Sheerluxe in January 2016 as a Fashion Features Writer, she then worked her way up to Editor-in-Chief. 


Collins wears multiple hats, frequently hosting the Sheerluxe Team Podcast. In addition, she has also recently collaborated with jewellery brand Edge of Ember to design a 70s inspired collection. Collins now continues to pass on her industry knowledge to emerging creatives through her frequent role as a guest speaker. 

Charlotte Collins, Editor in Chief of SheerLuxe at Vogue Education Presents London


The Inner Workings of SheerLuxe 


As a consequence of Charlotte Bendkowski’s (our Vogue Education Presents Student Host) carefully crafted questions, Collins was able to unveil the inner workings of SheerLuxe. This insightful discourse offered a  glimpse into the dynamics of their workplace, presenting a valuable opportunity for individuals keen on exploring potential internships or employment with the brand.


“Your In-The-Know Older Sister” – Collins on their brand identity 


Collins delved into the initial allure that enticed her into working in the fashion industry, describing it as the “movie-star glamour” of it all. However, she candidly acknowledged that her fascination evolved beyond superficial impressions, soon recognizing the multifaceted nature of the job. She underscored the pervasive misconception of the industry’s perceived glossy charm, shedding light on the hard work and dedication the industry demands. 


Collins discussed the team’s collective passion and  dedication, emphasising that each member, irrespective of their specific expertise, is deeply engrossed in their work. According to Collins, this shared commitment is the pivotal factor contributing to the team’s success:

Charlotte Collins talking to a student at Vogue Education Presents, London


“Everybody, whatever area of the business they work in whether they are in marketing, or you know, commercial partnerships, advertising, editorial, everybody is passionate about what we do”.  Charlotte Collins, SheerLuxe


Regarding the stress of producing content ideas, she went on to say that “the ideas come really naturally because it’s just like hanging out with your friends everyday and talking about the things that we’ve seen on TikTok or on instagram or, press releases we’ve received….the content ideas sort of just keep themselves coming”. It seems that having a team  which is incredibly dedicated and able to naturally bounce ideas off of one another, is a huge part of building a brand which becomes self-sufficient. 


Collins went on to add that at SheerLuxe they are “a network of influencers within [their] team”. And that “what got [them] so far was a really good edit” and of course a “carefully created and specific” analytical process of reviewing what they put out into the world as a brand. 


To summarise , “Success lies in speaking to them” – Collins regarding engaging with the SheerLuxe audience. 

Charlotte Collins in conversation at Vogue Education Presents, London.

Key Take-Aways from Charlotte Collins Vogue Education Presents 


A question we probably all have our mind on, how do we get involved? According to Collins, when she is hiring:


“It’s more about attitude, research, due diligence. I am always looking for people who have a genuine interest” – in response to the fantastic question put forward by Hansa Batra, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Industry Practice student. Surely this is a call for all to get their foot in the door within the fabulous institution, run by such influential women?


Words by Nadège Mustafa, MA Fashion Journalism and Editorial Direction student.

Photos by Annelee Kiliddjan MA Creative Direction for Fashion Media student.