Vogue Education Presents Alyson Lowe

Vogue Education Presents Alyson Lowe

Vogue Education Presents had the pleasure of hosting Alyson Lowe, the Associated Director of Audience Development at British Vogue at the Condé Nast College where she enlightened students to find their paths confidently. 

Having graduated in 2013 with a degree in history and literature, Alyson discovered the world of publishing where she has established an impressive career. MA Fashion Journalism & Editorial Direction student, Ana Luisa Rodriguez takes us through the highlights of Alyson’s talk.


Alyson Lowe’s Career Path


Alyson’s passion for magazines came at a young age, but when noticing she had a back catalogue of six years of British Vogues stacked in her room, she realised that it was where she wanted to be but realised it would be a journey. 

A driven self-starter, Alyson pursued many jobs but found a lack of experience sometimes got in her way, but at the age of 22, she started her own fashion and culture website, which helped her jump start her career as a journalist eventually taking her to British Vogue, where the role of . Associated Director of Audience Development for Digital would eventually be created for her in 2017. , 

Alyson notes that her inspiration is her younger self, explaining that  she “Wants to be the person I would have been proud of at 15.” 

British Vogue July 2023 cover

Alyson’s Role at British Vogue


Alyson has overseen all audience growth and traffic income in British Vogue for the past five years through her varied role that consists of tasks such as:  

  • Managing the social team
  • Analysing data and writing reports
  • Promoting products
  • Strategising on coverage
  • Working with the commerce team and other digital innovations. 

The position goes further than just numbers, with communication being the key part of it. 

As Alyson works in an industry that is constantly evolving and changing, her biggest challenge is the unpredictable algorithm. Social platforms can change their settings without any warning, and she explained that “the audience wants to be met where they are,” and not the other way around. Therefore, publications have to identify their target audience and niche, and evaluate the best way to reach them, but not rely on one platform. 


Alyson Lowe’s Career Advice 


Regarding the best-performing content, it is always content that the Vogue readers find relatable. Through all platforms, Vogue’s audience differs, and the content that performs the best is that which appeals to a variety of people. Nonetheless, sometimes some niche content does bring a good revenue. 


The key takeaway from Alyson Lowe’s talk is to never give up on your dreams, “not letting anyone else tell you what you want.” 


And with that, always make your own experience, if no one else will give you one. Just like her story, she pursued her dreams by starting her own blog. Alyson also encouraged students to always be updating their knowledge on innovations and industry news so staying plugged in to the industry is key. 


By Ana Luisa Rodriguez

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