Sandra Gili, One Week Fashion Styling, Autumn 2017

Image showing Sandra Gili Zollinger

Open up your creative and curious mind from the very first moment you step into the College doors. Don’t be shy. Do not hesitate. There’s no need. Condé Nast people are open minded and dedicated by nature. A strength you will experience throughout the whole week. Take every single opportunity to talk with the experts directly. Ask a lot! They’re happy to share their expertise with you. It’s a very uplifting mentality you enter into. You will catch yourself realising how much you suddenly like to listen these days. It was an extraordinary week, loaded with exciting work, unforgettable meetings and talks. You might forget to eat your lunch. Your hunger will be dedicated to fashion and the joy working on your projects. “Together” is key.

“Be the very best person you can be every day”, said Lucinda Chambers in a morning session.

Start collecting ideas, for now or later, trust yourself and take the first step into the fashion industry by joining one of Condé Nast College’s programmes.

My journey brought me to Siargao Island, the Philippines, where I recently launched my label edition YRO. And whenever I work on a new idea or project, my Condé Nast College notes are next to me.

I recently wrote to Lucinda Chambers to express my appreciation for sharing her work experience and specific advice; she replied with a personal message. That’s Condé Nast too.

Be inspired by your ventures.

Make-up Artist and Photographer @byhananmoser.