Karolina Syfert, Fashion & the Future of Brands, October 2020

Image showing Karolina Syfer

Studying the Fashion & the Future of Brands course was an amazing, immersive, online experience!

Since I can remember, I’ve always found fashion and marketing to be exciting. I was really interested in getting answers to questions such as:

What drives a customer to purchase a product? How is it possible that some companies managed to create such a loyal customer base throughout the years? How does the currently available technology tie in with creating opportunities for fashion? And finally, what awaits the world of fashion and branding in the future?

These are the reasons why I decided to look for a structured course that could help me satisfy my curiosity. I soon stumbled upon the Condé Nast College and I thought to myself: Who could answer my questions better than people connected to Vogue, the most famous fashion magazine in the world?

Now, after 6 intense weeks of live lectures with specialists in the field, combined with pre-recorded presentations, and individual projects, I couldn’t be happier with my choice. I’ve had a great time studying with my fellow course-takers, listening to the lecturers with great expertise in the industry and of course getting feedback from Ruth (our course leader) on the assigned projects!

I believe the course has significantly enriched my knowledge about fashion (having come from a finance background, everything that I’ve learned was very eye opening). Some of my favourite parts of the course were assigned projects (e.g. imagining a perfect brand collaboration and creating a moodboard for it), where I could apply my creativity to a variety of tasks. I also loved interacting with other students and very much felt like a part of the college community. I believe the course will help me break into fashion as a possible future career choice, for which I’m very grateful!