Grace Mollaghan, Fashion & Image, June 2020

Image showing Grace Mollaghan

When I began this course, I had a love for fashion, imagery and style; however now that love has grown to a deeply rooted passion and drive to continue to study and work in fashion in the future.

This course has allowed me to spread my wings in a safe, encouraging environment, where I could converse with like-minded people in a way I have never done before.  Meeting students and staff (if only virtually) who share my passions and interests in all things fashion orientated, has opened my mind to new ideas, perspectives and information. The incredible industry speakers I interacted with throughout the Fashion & Image course have inspired me to push myself in regard to working in fashion and my abilities.

For a long time, it has felt as though fashion was not a viable option for me career-wise. However, throughout this course my mind has been opened to all the wonderful opportunities and careers available within the industry.

I loved how interactive the course was and I feel it added greatly to the sense of community created by Sophie and the team. The students, academics and speakers alike have given me a new lease of life in terms of my fashion aspirations. The encouragement and feedback we received regarding assignments and concepts were extremely helpful as I felt we were given the freedom to explore our ideas and develop them with research and imagination.