Maria Mercedes Maroto, Fashion Branding & Communication, April 2022

Maria Mercedes Maroto Alumna

I have always been interested in fashion, its history, the artist behind those wonderful designs that you can see in the red
carpets or magazines. I wanted to know more about how brands use marketing to select their customers target, what make a
person wants to buy an specific item, or why “exclusivity and desire” are two words very important in fashion, especially for
Luxury brands.

I chose Condé Nast because I wanted to:

  • Learn from the best in the industry,
  • In a prestigious and globally recognised brand,
  • Get the opportunity to experience Fashion through a dynamic learning environment,
  • Join a world-class alumni, that gives you the possibility to increase your networking opportunity.

This course has been a wonderful, extremely enriching and stimulating experience. I come from a totally different background
so I started it with no idea of fashion other than what I’ve learned from magazines or TV, and now I can say that I understand
much better how the industry works.

I loved every lesson, every Industry speaker session, and I enjoyed every task. I tried to learn as much as possible, and even
though sometimes I found myself out of my comfort zone I have to say that at the same time it was something very positive
because I was doing something new, interesting and exciting.

The communication and interaction on this course was very helpful, and of course, the support of Ruth Marshall-Johnson, my
course leader, was very important. I attended every live session with her and I loved that we could talk about anything, from
ideas for the tasks and final project, to new drop collections, or our favorite designers.

If you really want to learn and get as much as possible of this experience I recommend you to attend all the sessions (you can
also watch them later because they record everything, which gives you flexibility through the course), to investigate, to read,
and to embrace every opportunity.

The online course platform was great, and in general everything was very flexible. I dedicated 1 or 2 hours to study during the
weekdays and I would recommend you to try to keep up to date with the tasks and to not leave anything for the last 2 weeks of
the course,s o you can dedicate them entirely for the Final Project.