Eva. Lisa Tay, 5 Days of Fashion Journalism, June 2023

Lisa Pink, 5 Days of Fashion Journalism, Jun 2023
The 5 Days of Fashion Journalism course conducted by Condé Nast College was brilliantly structured and executed. It has been an awesome journey for me travelling all the way from Singapore to attend the course which enabled me to meet people and network.  The industry speakers were exceptional, the fact that they were sharing their experiences so willingly with us, inspired me very much. The learning experience was phenomenal and the visit to Vogue House was the icing on the cake. What I have learnt over the week will definitely help to prepare me for any journalism challenges along the way. Thank you Condé Nast College for the opportunity. 
You can also read very detailed review of what Lisa did during the five days and who she met during her time with us on her personal website here.