Erika Thomazi, Vogue Foundation Programme, 2019-2020

Image showing Erika Thomazi, Vogue Foundation alumna

While studying at Condé Nast I learned so much about the creative industry and I got to the core of what I am personally interested in and passionate about.

Condé Nast highlights how there are many doors to be opened in the creative industry, and give the tools and encouragement to explore different paths and careers.  I loved how the Foundation program made me aware of all the different layers in the industry and had inspiring speakers directly from the industry come in every week to talk to the students about their role in the creative industry.

I also felt a lot of encouragement and help from the teachers, that made it their priority for their students to feel appreciated and provided constructive criticism for their students to grow and form one’s self.  I met so many wonderful people along the way and found beautiful friendships as well.

I would highly recommend Condé Nast because it feels like a family that gives you the tools to grow and develop yourself and decide what you want for your path in life in the creative industry.