Angela Esposito, MA Fashion Journalism, 2019-2020

Image showing Angela Esposito, MA Fashion Journalism alumna

My Condé Nast College experience was horizon-opening as well as being challenging. Since I was a child, I have been particularly interested in writing and fashion. After my Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Culture and Techniques in Italy – which provided me with a huge background in humanities and fashion-related culture – I decided to specialise in Fashion Journalism. I was looking for a course that could provide me with an international education, because Fashion has no boundaries.

As an Italian student, I wanted to open my mind by embarking on an international cultural experience. Condé Nast College has taught me a lot. I have developed several skills such as working in a team and successfully creating a dialogue with people coming from different backgrounds. The Condé Nast training and education have acquainted me with not only the theoretical framework necessary to successfully become a fashion journalist, but also a deep insight into the job market that every student will and has to face at the end of their college studies.

I have learnt how to create editorial plans for magazine issues, as well as a writing and critical portfolio in order to show my progress and skills in a professional way. I have also learnt how to maximise the chances of catching the attention of HR recruiters from famous fashion brands and companies.

Finally, this course has potentially paved the way for a prospective career as an Editor and Content Creator. Despite the obstacles posed by the COVID-19 emergency and pandemic which occurred half-way through my academic studies in the UK, Condé Nast College and its team have taught me to shape my business voice and find my own career path within the fashion system.