Readymag: pioneering student presentations

Readymag: pioneering student presentations


Presentations get a kinetic reboot with a Readymag transformation. Final year BA (Hons) Fashion Communication student Fatima Dzhafarova explains how the innovative software has further enhanced her Collaborative Industry Project with NARS cosmetics. 


Collaborating with NARS 


At Condé Nast College, one of the highlights of the BA (Hons) Fashion Communication degree is the Collaborative Industry Project, which falls at the beginning of the second year. It is an exciting opportunity for students to pick their live industry brief for the first time and collaborate alongside brands at the forefront of the fashion and beauty industry. Fatima chose to work with french cosmetic giant NARS. 



Fatima explains how it was “an amazing opportunity for all of us, and it was definitely one of my favourite modules. NARS gave us a flexible brief that allowed everyone to be as expressive and creative as possible. Since NARS is a brand that I and many of my classmates have been using for years, it was an incredible experience being able to collaborate with them and learn more about the brand”. An open brief allows for individual creativity and puts into practice many of the skills developed in previous modules. 


Utilising Readymag


This was the first time that the second year BA pupils had utilised Readymag, an in-browser editor that enables you to create websites, portfolios and presentations. A blank page which allows full autonomy to present projects in a unique and interesting way. Fatima explained how she was “skeptical about trying new softwares”, however after her introduction to Readymag she “realised just how easy and straightforward it was”. The ease of usability was complemented by “the clean and professional finish of a Readymag document”. 



“I decided to base my final outcome of my favourite product from NARS, The Multiple, showing this product through my eyes in the form of a campaign with two short videos. I filmed the videos with my friends from the university, and the entire process from makeup and hair to using a green screen for the first time, turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and fun projects I have ever worked on. Presenting my work to NARS was also a wonderful experience, as they got to see my authentic appreciation for their product, and my vision for it through my final outcome”.


In order to deliver the presentation to the client Readymag was used to “create a professional and aesthetically pleasing final outcome”. An alternative to the usual static PDF documents submitted, Readymag allows for the inclusion of moving images within final submissions, as well as “those small details such as transitions, layout grids, and being able to embed links within the document that in my opinion make Readymag such a useful tool for students”.



Looking to the future of her studies and beyond graduation this summer, Fatima explains how, “I see myself subscribing to it post graduation as it has made working on projects easier and more fun for me. Everyone that I have shown Readymag has also made the switch to this platform as it offers a lot more tools and opportunities than the platforms and softwares we have used in the past”.


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