National Portrait Gallery’s Vogue 100: A century of style

National Portrait Gallery’s Vogue 100: A century of style

One of the advantages of being a student of Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design is the opportunity to experience first hand whatever is happening right now in the British Fashion industry. From the chance to hear from the crème de la crème of the industry to attending incredible exhibitions, it is easy to see why those that work in this field are so passionate about it – fashion never stops, it is always evolving and intriguing us with its element of surprise.

Last Thursday saw the opening of the National Portrait Gallery’s ‘VOGUE 100: A Century of Style’ exhibition, a celebration of British Vogue’s centenary and impressive legacy that was 5 years in the making.

The chance to see this amazing exhibition the day before it opened to the public can only be described as priceless. To enter the exhibition, is to be immersed in fashion history. From the infamous Corinne Day photos of a young Kate Moss in 1993 to the massive Tim Walker image of Alexander McQueen watching over the gallery and its visitors, Vogue’s saga has been documented with care and attention by Robin Muir.

The photographs, so beautifully displayed as precious historical artefacts, symbolise more than fashion trends and celebrity culture; they embody the social and cultural changes of the last century. VOGUE 100 represents, through each thoughtfully selected image, the power and appeal of unique, relevant and authentic content.

‘VOGUE 100: A Century of Style’ is a one of a kind exhibition, where we can truly see where art, fashion and society meet to become a singular element that reflects behaviour and societal change.

Vogue 100 is open until 22nd May 2016, visit the National Portrait Gallery website for further information.

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