Student Life: Living in London as a fashion student

Ashika Kumar moves to London to study fashion

Living and working in London has been a dream of mine since I was a teenager. Studying for the Vogue Fashion Certificate at Condé Nast College was the first step in helping me achieve it.

Studying in the heart of Soho during a pandemic has been interesting, to say the least. I moved here from Hong Kong and while I’m no stranger to a big, buzzing, boisterous city, the silent streets of London have allowed me to stop and take a moment to appreciate, observe, and understand every minuscule detail of the city, and of its people.

Within my first week, I’ve already learned a tremendous amount, further developing my existing skills and becoming inspired by our key speakers. And from the minute I walked into the college on the first day I felt like I was a part of something different. The white walls, clear spaces, minimalist design, and overall aesthetic made it a much more immersive experience. Learning about various areas within the industry has granted me the opportunity to explore my interests as well as recognise what the right fit for me is.

On completion of the course, I hope to have acquired a variety of skills and have gained enough experience to secure a job in London, specifically in the field of fashion marketing. Having a complete portfolio showcasing everything I have accomplished throughout the course will be a key asset in helping me achieve that, offering prospective employers a chance to see my work firsthand. The College provides its students with resources, time, and knowledge, therefore, I doubt I could have picked a better institution or course to assist me in joining the fashion industry.

Conde Nast College Library

But studying fashion, of course, can be intimidating. It makes you more critical of your own style and aesthetic. ‘A tomboy who loves makeup’, ‘a girl who loves suits but also her ballgowns’, and ‘that one in a non-traditional saree’ are all different things I have heard people say about me. I don’t have a particular style or aesthetic that I fit into. And initially, while I found myself worrying about what to wear, how to present myself, and how to fit in, walking around and exploring different parts of London made me quickly realise that there is a place here for everyone and everything. That’s what makes fashion so incredible; there is no one way or right way.

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