In Conversation with Talina Naviede

In Conversation with Talina Naviede

Talina is having fun. Having graduated from Condé Nast’s College Certificate course in 2015, she is now making waves in the fashion industry and has since gone on to create her own video channel and new line of jackets.

“CNC College taught me so much,” she says enthusiastically. “What I have figured out is that it is so important to network; the college also taught me that there’s a much wider variety of options and avenues that one can take within the fashion industry; so many more than I originally thought. Learning from other people’s creativity is such a significant aspect in the creative industries too.”

“After an awesome experience interning for the web team at House of Holland, I decided I wanted to go it alone. I am now presenting my own street and lifestyle channel as a spin off from my street style fashion blog. It’s the kind of place you go to for a slice of watermelon and a kick up the arse when it comes to being inventive with your wardrobe choices. As well as this I decided to dip my (semi) manicured toe nails into the design world. I’ve just launched my first customised camouflage jacket collection, where I have collaborated with street style artists to create a ‘tongue n’ cheek’ collection.”

Talina’s office is based in Shoreditch, so rather aptly, her new jacket line has taken inspiration from all the East End graffiti street art she sees everyday. Instagram also proves to be a huge inspiration for Talina and she sources slogans and images of everything from bonkers unicorns to rainbows for her work. One of her most popular camo- jackets has a bold lion’s head emblazoned on the back. Fearless and funky, this staple piece can be worn with practically anything.

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Video blogger and actress, Talina Naviede talks to Serena Connolly about her love of watermelon, camouflage unicorns and her time at Conde Nast College.