Fashion Scan

Fashion Scan

Fashion Scan. The revolutionary app that brings magazines to life. Created by the extraordinary Caroline Issa, Fashion Director of Tank magazine and Editor-in-Chief of Because magazine.

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I was first introduced to the Fashion Scan phenomenon, when Caroline Issa herself, came in to Condé Nast College. The influential business woman and style icon, revealed her vision for the app and her ambition to change the publishing industry in a strong digital way. Have you ever imagined a world simply by hovering your phone over a page, video content immediately springs to life? This is now a reality. The exciting app combines the experience of the physical and digital, allowing the experience of holding a magazine in your hands while being pulled into a digital world of additional and exclusive information. This juxtaposition of two worlds, certainly enriches your reading experience. Fashion Scan even takes you directly to where you can instantly buy the product you see on the page. This innovative way of shopping reaches out to both men’s and women’s sectors, with its popularity continuing to soar.

Having first held my phone over a Tank magazine page, within seconds a catwalk video sprung into action on my screen. I was astounded that what I have learnt is Fashion Scan is becoming the new essential to download alongside buying your latest read. Letting your imagination come to life, this is definitely one to keep an eye on.


Compatible with iPhone, iPad, all Google and Android devices. Check it out here.