Any student would understand the immense feeling of stress that comes with the ending of a term. Often times this stress brings out our worst habits: we sleep less and eat worse, even though we know we shouldn’t. Thankfully, CNC students have had it easy this past week with the help of Condé Nast College and the many healthy food companies that made #CNCHealthWeek possible.

CNC’s ground floor kitchen received a lot of love this week, containing a variety of different tasty snacks and treats lied out on the table each day. It was exciting to walk through the college doors each morning knowing something yummy was waiting just down the hall. Setting standards high, one of the first treats of the week was an assortment of yogurts from The Collective UK. Since it has long been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, students were beyond keen to discover these delicious yogurts that helped them power up before morning lecture. Although I didn’t personally get to try all five amazing sounding flavors, which included: fudge, raspberry, blueberry, mango, and passion fruit, the blueberry one was a definite hit.

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The week continued on with buckets of coconut waters from Vita Coco, protein energy ball boosters from Bounce, and skinny posh corn from Tyrell’s. All mouthwatering delicious, and satisfying to the health conscious.

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Just as important as fueling our bodies with nutrients is keeping it active. The college held its first yoga session of the year right here in the college led by London-based Vinyasa flow teacher, Lucie Ataya. Sarai Lange, a CNC diploma student, said “I loved the yoga class. Can we have it every Thursday now- until we graduate?” Who knows, upon student request this might just be a possibility.

Overall, #CNCHealthWeek was a huge success. All students would like to thank the food companies who helped us stay healthy this week, and a thank you to Lucie Ataya for leading an amazing head-clearing yoga session. Students feel more prepared than ever to power on through to the final project submission deadlines.

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