CNC Graduate Launches Women-Led Online and Virtual Arts Initiative

Founded in 2020 and established in 2021, CNC Alum Zoë Goetzmann is the director of the women-led online and virtual gallery, The Artist Workspace


The Artist Workspace (AWS) is an online and virtual nomadic gallery and artist agency based in London. The multi-faced women-led venture is formed by director Zoë Goetzmann, curator Nina Paiva and presiding managing editor and writer, Emma Grayson. It is through their mutual vision that they are able to find emerging talent in London and beyond and present a fresh take on the arts and media industries. 


The gallery offers consultancy services in the following areas: editorial promotion, Instagram and social media consultation, curatorial project consultation and collaboration and NFT consultation. 


At AWS, we strive to put artists first by taking a lower commission so that the artist retains the ‘lion-share’ portion of their profits.


About Director Zoë Goetzmann


For as long as I can remember, a personal motto of mine has been “if you can’t find a space in your [desired] industry, sometimes it is necessary to create your own”

– A note from founder, Zoë Goetzmann


Zoë Goetzmann is an arts journalist working in both art and fashion. She is a contributing staff writer for the international art publication, Create! Magazine. She also holds a BA degree in Literature and the History of Art from Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, an MA degree in Art Business from The Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London as well as an MA degree in Fashion Media Practice (Fashion Journalism) from The Condé Nast College of Fashion of Design in London. The Artist Workspace Gallery is a dream-in-the-making: combining Zoë’s life-long interests in art, fashion, and media. Influenced by her Sotheby’s thesis, Artists on Instagram: The Art World of Instagram. Zoë founded AWS gallery as a way to create a legitimate bridge between the digital and fine art worlds – breaking down the barriers between the traditional, digital and online artistic landscapes. 


To Me, To You – Pop-Up Exhibition


The Artist Workspace opens its doors for the first time – both physically and virtually – inviting you to look inside and to reimagine the present-day. In this show, you will find five artists based in London, Bath and New York at different stages of their careers, working across multiple disciplines whose creative voices – we believe – should be heard. 

Exhibiting Artists:

Jennifer Moore 

Juliette Hayt

Maddie Stringer

Özlem Thompson 

Zac Merle

Curated by Nina Paiva 


‘To Me, To You’ is a pop-up exhibition which will run from 3 Feb to 6 Feb 2022

Private View: 3 February 2022 from 6 PM – 9 PM


147 Stoke Newington

High Street,


N16 0NY

Gallery Hours: 9 AM – 6 PM

07534 764562

Website and Social Media Links: 


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Instagram: @theartistworkspacegallery

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Twitter: @AWS_gallery

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