Building Purpose & Sustainability: Industry Talk by Eco-Age

Building Purpose & Sustainability: Industry Talk by Eco-Age

Eco-Age talk at Condé Nast College

Charlotte Turner and Emily Turner from Eco-Age visit the Condé Nast College to talk about movement in the sustainable sphere of fashion. MA Fashion Communication student Heather Texter reports… 

Every week at the College the Soho room is filled with students ready to hear from an array of industry speakers that come in to discuss their knowledge and work within the fashion industry. 


Eco-Age Industry talk at Condé Nast College


Most recently, was a talk with Eco-Age’s Account Director, Emily Turner, and Head of Sustainable Fashion, Charlotte Turner. A leading global sustainability consultancy firm (founded by Livia Firth), Eco-Age is dedicated to helping brands cultivate a new culture of purpose and sustainable thinking. This is achieved through their expertise and commitment to put sustainability efforts directly in the spotlight and transform client campaigns, events, brand management, and leadership with the commitment to do better for our environment. 


Eco-Age has worked with brands such as MatchesFashion, Gucci, The Woolmark Company, Kering Group, and many other high profile brands. Furthermore, the brand has been a partner in producing events that showcase the innovation of brands and designers such as the successful Green Carpet Fashion Awards. This event highlights the industry’s efforts to engage with sustainable developments, climate change, and social responsibility.


Discussing the brand principles of their work and even new internship opportunities taking place that past students have had the pleasure to take part in was the more serious side of the talk, the discussion of climate change. 

Fashion & The Environment


Fashion and its environmental impact have always had a rough relationship in addition to labour, gender, and poverty issues. And yet, it will only continue to deviate unless change is initiated. Today, the average consumer purchases 60 percent more clothing than they did in 2000, but keep garments only half as long, while nearly 40% of clothes in their wardrobe are not worn at all. The question raised by Emily and Charlotte and many others is “Why are we over-consuming?” 

Eco Age talk at Condé Nast College

At Eco-Age, the brand continues to spark change through the input of more responsible business practices, for the benefit of us and our planet as we all must look for ways to remain on track in achieving the SDGs by 2030.


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By Heather Texter, MA Fashion Communication