Broken Planet’s Mission to Sustainability 

Broken Planet sustainable fashion lable

MA Luxury Brand Strategy & Business student Kevin De Silva reports on how Broken Planet has become one of the UK’s fastest-growing streetwear brands whilst educating the younger generation about sustainability.


Broken Planet Market is a UK sustainable streetwear brand launched by Lukas Žvikas and his partner Indrè Narbutaitè 


How did it take off?


Lukas and Indrè started their clothing brand initially as a passion project. Just a week before their first launch, one of their videos went viral on social media resulting in their Instagram gaining over 10k followers and selling out their first drop in less than 40 minutes. 


Both business partners take massive inspiration from outer space and American hip-hop stars and they have surpassed 50,000 customers worldwide with their creative social media marketing strategies through platforms such as TikTok.


Sustainable Streetwear


Broken Planet emphasises the importance of creating garments with recycled materials alongside slow shipping processes in order to help protect the planet and genuinely show their customers what a sustainable fashion brand really looks like. 


“We hate trends – that’s a fact. As people that don’t like fast fashion, we can say that confidently.” – Lukas and Indrè

Broken Planet’s Marketing 


When it comes to a successful fashion marketing strategy, transparency is key to the Broken Planet brand. The clothes on their Instagram feed are styled in a very laid back and everyday way. Their feed is attention grabbing and vibrant in colour and they use social media platforms such as YouTube and BeReal to market the brand. Currently Broken Planet has over 370k followers on Instagram and they use micro influencers who are just starting to promote their brand. 


Broken Planet has a clothing drop once a month and occasionally has a shock drop. As part of their strategy, the brand also have friends and family raffle pieces where they then use the profits to donate to the ‘Broken Planet Foundation’. Mystery drops are well known by Broken Planet where they sell their faulty/ non-faulty products at a reduced price. Faulty items included are hoodies, zip-up hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, shorts and sunglasses. Sustainability is at the heart of the brand, pushing the important point that whether or not your items contains a flaw it can still be a useable item – it also promotes that it’s socially acceptable to wear clothing with minor flaws. So far, the Broken Planet Foundation has raised over £70,000.


Community Involvement 


Community involvement is just as important for Broken Planet to interact with their customers. In July 2022 they launched their first pop-up store inShoreditch, London, where they had different rooms with different themes. The themes included: a moon room, planet of ice room, desert planet room, planet of life room and the spaceship room. The temperature of the room was tailored to each room alongside the lighting to coincide with the environment –  in order for customers to immerse themselves in these climates. 



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Broken Planet’s future


It’s clear that Broken Planet’s mission is to create sustainable, long-lasting garments which can last forever. Both Lukas and Indrè stress to HYPEBEAST “We don’t even mention our sustainability anymore. We don’t do it to make sure we get sales; we just use sustainability to help our thought process internally and to know that’s how we make decisions.” 


Broken Planet tactical social media marketing strategies have been proven effective in promoting their brand whilst creating an immersive pop-up experience for the younger generation – in order to educate them on sustainability and the future of fashion. 


By: Kevin De Silva – MA Luxury Brand Strategy & Business