Anna Lundbäck Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr from Joseph in conversation with Lisa Armstrong

Anna Lundbäck Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr at the Condé Nast College London

Creative Directors of Joseph, Anna Lundbëck Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr visit the Condé Nast College for a special in conversation with leading fashion journalist, Lisa Armstrong for to wrap up an exciting roster of industry speakers during the autumn term for Vogue Education Presents. BA (Hons) Fashion Communication student, Charlotte Coates reports…


On Tuesday 14th November, it was my honour to introduce this fantastic Vogue Education Presents In-Conversation with the creative minds behind Joseph – co-creative directors Anna Lundbëck Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr, alongside fashion journalism icon Lisa Armstrong, author, journalist and Head of Fashion at The Telegraph.

Lisa Armstrong in conversation with Anna Lundbäck Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr at the Condé Nast College London

About Lisa Armstrong


Lisa Armstrong’s illustrious career began as Arts Editor at Elle Magazine and she navigated an array of distinguished roles at esteemed publications including British Vogue and The Times. Presently Head of Fashion at The Telegraph, her storied career has included interviews with the likes of Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford and Donatella Versace. This wealth of experience serves as an invaluable skill set for her erudite in-conversation. 

About Anna Lundbäck Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr


In the autumn of September 2020, Anna Lundbäck Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr were bestowed with the responsibility of co-creative directors for JOSEPH. Anna’s ascension to this role followed two years as Ready-to-Wear consultant, leveraging her expertise from her time at Bottega Veneta, COS, and Uniqlo U. The duo studied Fashion Design in London, leading to an international trajectory that would take them to the sartorial capitals of London, New York, and presently, Paris. 


Frederik’s former post was Global Creative Director of Menswear for Tommy Hilfiger in Amsterdam. This marks an inaugural collaboration for the couple, who graciously shared their collective wisdom and insights to the students of Condé Nast College. Anna is an advocate for avant garde designs, while Frederik, is attuned to the intricacies of fiscal prudence and business acumen. Their awareness of their individual skill set is the bedrock of a collaborative endeavour, with an evolving understanding of how best to synergise their respective strategies. 


Anna Lundbäck Dyhr at the Condé Nast College London


Joseph Ettedgui, a  pioneer of British contemporary fashion, laid the foundation for the eponymous brand in 1966. Initially a concept store, where Ettedugi championed 

 now-iconic luxury design houses such as Kenzo and Alaïa, the label’s birth in 1983 represents an all-encompassing luxury wardrobe for the discerning modern woman, while delivering on cost-effectiveness. Today, both men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections are debuted alongside accessories and footwear. JOSEPH is an arbiter of contemporary sophistication, with a commitment to timeless luxury. The brand is distinguished by innovation and enduring elegance; a curation that transcends time. 


The esteemed guests, previously unacquainted, embarked on their conversation. Lisa ardently expressed her admiration and love for the brand. Speaking to the aspiring fashion designers in the audience Fredik encouraged “if you are really passionate about something, truly obsess about it,” later relating this to Joseph Ettedgui’s focus on women’s trousers. The aim was for women to feel “elegant and comfortable at the same time”. Subsequently, Lisa referenced the permanently relevant style of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Twenty-five years later, her sartorial choices persist as a testament to enduring elegance. Prompted by this retrospective exploration, Lisa posed the poignant question “what makes something timeless?”. To this, Anna responded with great insight, identifying the triad of quality, fit and precision in both cutting and detailing. For Anna, “luxury is not necessarily something that you see on the outside, but you feel it when you wear it”. 


Anna Lundbäck Dyhr and Frederik Dyhr at the Condé Nast College London

The discourse unfolded across a spectrum of topics, ranging from the influence of their international travels, to the nuanced importance of value for money in design and the pleasure of working for a brand that when mentioned “puts a smile on people’s faces,”. 


The conversation transitioned as the floor was opened for students to pose their questions, encouraging the exchange of knowledge and insights. When asked by a student where they find inspiration, the duo articulated that their muse is found within art. Fredrik shared his gratitude for being based in Paris, where a myriad of galleries and museums are on their doorstep. Anna shared that creativity thrives in curiosity, and can be found in meeting new people and trying novel experiences. A gentle, yet resonant reminder of the importance of cultivating and maintaining an open mind. 


Lisa Armstrong at the Condé Nast College London

Heartfelt gratitude extends to all involved, from the esteemed guests Lisa, Anna, and Frederik to the Condé Nast College staff and students who orchestrated this fantastic Vogue Education Presents talk. 


Words by Charlotte Coates, BA (Hons) Fashion Communication & Industry Practice student

Images by Annelee Kiliddjian

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