1920's Jazz Age Exhibition

Lights, camera, action! Step through the doors of the Fashion & Textile Museum and you will find yourself in the age of the 1920’s glitz & glamour. From now until January 15th, this London fashion museum will be hosting the 1920’s Jazz Age Exhibition containing a series of haute couture and ready to wear collections from this exuberant and roaring decade. Marked by an age of glamour and glitz, the outstanding displays and Hollywood esque feel are sure to grab your attention. Over 150 carefully selected garments trace through this decade of change, offering a wide variety of fashion items including day dresses, sportswear, velvet capes, and of course, the famous fringer flapper dress.

These garments are the foundation of the modern woman as we know it today, making this exhibition a must see for any fashion lover. This important decade of change is far from restricting corsets, showing how post war attitudes meant lots of excess, gliter, glamour, and defying the norms of the time.


From the remarkably intricate beading to the high level of embroidery detail on the dresses, pictures simply can’t do these peices justice. Seeing such detail up close and personal as in this exhibition is a one of a kind experience. You just dont really see such handsewn detail in today’s world of fast fashion and high disposability. This exhibition really transports you back to a happy ‘roaring’ time when dancing, movement, and eccentricity was all the jazz.


The exhibition also includes many beautiful fashion photographs by various photographers of the time, and many colorful illustrations by Gordon Conway. These images line the museums bold colored walls and offer a visually appealing creative enhancement for this 1920’s exhibition experience.

IMG 5183

This weekend head down to the Fashion & Textile museum to check out this 1920’s Jazz Exhibition as it is surely one not to be missed. Delve into the glamour filled fun lives of a 1920’s flapper. It’s much more than dress, it’s a lifestyle.

For more information on the exhibition, visiting, and tickets click here. The Jazz Age Exhibtion is on until 15th January 2016.