Students With Macs

The Student Experience

Studying at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design is an exciting, engaging and uniquely enriching experience.

With access to some of the most outstanding creative minds in the business, plus intensive, vocationally-styled courses and a busy timetable—both in our new, state-of-the-art building and beyond into galleries, studios and so on—students will find their days at the Condé Nast College are both busy and rewarding. We believe that the friendships that the students make with one another while they are studying with us are as important as the networking opportunities they will have with an enormous number of external industry professionals. As a result, we encourage a rich, engaged and collegiate attitude from our students while they are here with us, allowing them to forge firm friendships that they will carry forward into their myriad, and undoubtedly stellar, careers all over the globe. 

Jonathan Newhouse at event