Therese Riis Nielsen

Fashion Assistant ELLE Denmark

Therese Riis Nielsen

How did your get your job?

I saw an article on about becoming a fashion assistant and I simply went for it- I wrote an email to the Fashion Director and she then contacted me regarding an interview. Initially she turned me down because I wouldn’t be able to work right at the time they needed a new assistant, but I was persistent and at last she asked if I could come to Copenhagen for an interview. Persistency is key! I was still at the College when I applied and everyone was super helpful, especially when preparing for the interview, which is always nerve wracking. A few days after my interview, I received the job offer.


What was it like on your first day?

I was, of course, nervous on my first day, but everyone at the office was super nice- the fashion industry is nothing like what you see in movies. I was introduced to everyone at the magazine and started my training. It could not have been a better first day. 


Is working at ELLE Denmark as you expected? Why or why not?

Working at ELLE Denmark is better than I could have imagined. I have gotten way more responsibility than I could have ever wished for. I’m not just the fashion assistant, I am a part of the editorial office. I get to do so much fun stuff, but there’s also a lot of responsibility. But it is all part of the job.


Describe an average day doing your job

I get in at 9am and start the day checking emails. Usually one of the editors will have some pieces to be requested or quoted, which I will sort out. There’s a lot of communication with the different brands, marketing departments and PR agencies. I’m also responsible for keeping the fashion and styling room (where we keep all the goods) tidy. Besides that, I also get to assist shoots, help at our events, attend events, and write articles for the website. Usually the whole office eats lunch together around 12pm, and a regular working day ends at 5pm. 


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in your role so far?

The most exiting thing so far was probably when I assisted on ELLE Style Awards. I interviewed all the guests about their clothes, and assisted backstage during the show- it was an amazing experience. But fashion week is probably the event I am looking forward to the most. I am the one organizing it for ELLE Denmark, which is going to be hard work but at lot of fun!


What are the key qualities you have to have to be a Fashion Assistant at ELLE Denmark?

First of all, you have to have a huge interest in fashion to maintain the interest in the job. You have to be super organized because of the amount of responsibilities you have. You also have to be ambitious and flexible. Other than that, being outgoing is a must for this job when meeting and interacting with so many different people.


Do you feel that your time at the college helped to prepare you for working in the industry?

I definitely feel that my time at the college helped me get the job, and especially helped me prepare for the interview. In general I came in feeling like I was ready and I had enough background knowledge to be confident in professional working life. I cannot count how many times I’ve said ‘Without the college, I wouldn’t have gotten this job’.