Rebecca Wright

Beauty Assistant Glamour

Rebecca Wright

How did your get your job at Glamour?

Glamour’s Beauty Director (and my now boss!) Alessandra Steinherr came and gave a talk at the college near the end of my course. At the end I went up and asked her if she had any opportunities for work experience coming up, about a month later I went in for a one-week work shadow placement. I was then invited back for a 6-month internship once I had graduated and was promoted to a full time role back in December.


What was it like on your first day?

It’s funny looking back on my first day as I remember being really nervous and subsequently got there way too early. I was introduced to the team, the rest of the office and explained was told what my responsibilities would be. I remember being really excited but also rather overwhelmed!


Is working at Glamour what you expected?

It’s even better – if that’s possible. I’ve always known that I wanted to work in beauty editorial so I was very excited to start my career. I’m incredibly lucky to work with a very talented and friendly bunch of people, so going to work everyday doesn’t even feel like work.


Describe an average day as Beauty Assistant.

Every day is slightly different as I assist each member of the beauty team. Obviously my job is very product based, so it’s all about trying out all the different things we get sent, liaising with PR’s to call things in for stories, writing copy for either print or online, doing research etc. It is definitely the dream job!


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in your role so far?

I’ve been lucky enough to assist on shoots with celebrities like Suki Waterhouse and Ellie Goulding. I also get to go backstage at London Fashion Week – which is a crazy but incredible experience. I also write a page in the magazine which is a dream come true, especially being so junior and new to the industry – I never expected any of the amazing opportunities I’ve been given.


What are the key qualities you need for your role as Beauty Assistant at Glamour?

Initiative is key quality when you’re assisting a whole team as you almost have to know what they need before they’ve even asked you. The other obvious things are punctuality, enthusiasm etc… I think as long as you’re polite and hardworking people will really notice that.