Orla Pentelow

Digital Intern at Vogue.co.uk

Orla Pentelow

How did your get your job?

I had been at Vogue for three weeks on their work experience placement with the Features team, and applied for my role on the Digital team. I think it definitely helps to speak to people and make connections during work experience- it also helps them remember you when it comes to applying for roles.


What was it like on your first day?

It was still nerve-wracking! I had been there 2 weeks before so I knew some people, but it was a different team, and a slightly different role in the new realm of online. Luckily, everyone is super nice and I feel like I’m settling in.


Is working at Vogue as you expected? Why or why not?

Yes and no. I think there is a level of prestige with a brand like Vogue, and often there is an element of expected pressure being in the office but it’s not like that at all. It’s incredible to work with such amazing people every day and they’re all so nice, but really it is just an office !


Describe an average day doing your job?

Most of my day is spent contacting PRs and liaising with other members of the team. I work closely with the Fashion Features team, collaborating to create online galleries.


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in your role so far?

Whilst I was on work experience I helped out at a shoot which was pretty cool!


What are the key qualities you have to have to be a Digital Intern at Vogue.co.uk?

Organisation! Managing and juggling different projects can be a bit mind boggling but if you’re organised it definitely helps. And people skills!


Do you feel that your time at the college helped to prepare you for working in the industry and your job search?

It definitely helped in understanding the magazine publishing industry, and just having that extra insight into knowing how everything runs has really helped.