Marta Lorente Domingo

Retail Performance Analyst at Louis Vuitton

Marta Lorente Domingo

How did your get your job?

I made a list of brands where I wanted to work and checked their websites regularly.  I discovered roles I didn’t know existed! I applied for my job through the LVMH website. 


What was it like on your first day?

I was very lucky because I spent a fortnight with the girl who was about to leave the role; so she could teach me and give me tips for my new position.


Is working at luxury brand Louis Vuitton what you expected?

I did not have a clear idea what working for Louis Vuitton would be like. People are much nicer and friendlier than I had expected. They are really helpful, and they do not expect you to know everything about retail when you first start.

They do expect you to be helpful, enthusiastic and have a proactive attitude. Even though my role is not a managerial role, they give me a lot of responsibility and autonomy to do my job and organise myself.


Describe an average day as Retail Performance Analyst.

Every day is different. I am in Head Office and responsible for all matters related to the stores. I have fixed tasks generating and analysing sales reports or calculating the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the bonuses for sales staff. My role also involves helping the stores with the daily planning, uniforms, repairs, etc. This means I have to spend some days in the stores as well. It has been really interesting learning how each store works, because even though they are all Louis Vuitton stores, they work very differently.

I am also getting involved more creative task such as organising a charity auction with Louis Vuitton products, analysing store hours in order to make them more effective and helping organise different kind of Louis Vuitton events.



What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in your role so far?

I really enjoyed helping in Louis Vuitton Trunk Show. I was backstage helping dressing the models.

I enjoy going to the stores to understand what their daily problems are and develop ideas to help them. 

I also enjoy the training sessions as they help you develop many skills crucial for your career.  Louis Vuitton want you to know about the history of the brand and the quality of the products.



What are the key qualities you need for your role as Retail Performance Analyst at Louis Vuitton?

It is essential to have a proficient level of Excel as you have to deal with a large amount of data. You have to be really meticulous because you have to calculate KPIs for more than 400 employees. It is also important you are an organised person as I am responsible for twenty Louis Vuitton stores