Helene van Santen

Managing Editor Libelle Daily

Helene van Santen

How did your get your job at Libelle Daily?

In October 2014, I responded to a vacancy on the website of Sanoma Media (the publisher of Libelle Daily). I got invited for an interview and, a few weeks later, I started as online editor and acting managing editor. That eventually led to me getting the full time job of managing editor in March 2016.


What was it like on your first day?

Very exciting! And nerve-racking (many new faces, a new office). But most of all: a lot of fun. Working at the largest women’s weekly magazine in the Netherlands is a dream come true.


Is working at Libelle Daily what you expected?

Yes, it’s everything I expected and more. I love the rush and adrenaline that is always present in an online editorial room. Watching our brand grow larger and larger each day is also very rewarding.


Describe an average day in your role as Managing Editor.

In the morning, I decide with our team of online editors which stories we are going to run that day. After that, I usually have staff meetings with other departments such as Marketing, Sales, Web team, etc. We always have lunch together with the entire online team. After lunch I catch up on my emails, make the shift schedule for the editors, make sure the content plan is followed and check invoices. In the meantime I always keep one eye on the number of real-time visitors on our website.


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in your role so far?

Writing a new content strategy for Libelle Daily, which, of course, is a secret…


What are the key qualities you need to be a Managing Editor?

You have to be a go-getter, hands-on, quick, organised, creative and a people-manager. You must also have a deep passion for the online world and a keen interest in digital developments.