Hakan Demiray

Junior Agent, Sarah Laird & Good Company

Hakan Demiray

How did you get your job at Sarah Laird & Good Company?

The College sent me the job description for the position of Junior Agent, and I immediately applied. I was really interested in the role, and knew that I wanted a full time job after freelancing on the Picture Desk at British Vogue. After my initial application, references were sent to the company and I was invited for a first interview at the London office. The next stage in the application was a phone interview with the Managing Director of the Agency who is based in New York.  I was offered the position a few days later!


What was it like on your first day?

I was quite nervous early the first morning, but felt part of the team within the first ten minutes. I had previously met my boss at my interview so I felt comfortable with her already.  Everyone on the team was super welcoming and really took time to get to know me. The first day consisted of a handover and then we had an amazing lunch and desserts to welcome me. Then, the Agent I replaced was having leaving drinks that evening and they invited me along, so the whole day finished in Soho (it was a Friday!)


Is working at Sarah Laird Agency what you expected?

I’d say that working at an Agency is a lot less dramatic than I imagined. We’re quite a small team but get a lot done, so there’s a family feeling in the office with very minimal drama. I’ve found that the environment isn’t as corporate as I expected as we are constantly surrounded by creativity, and by creative individuals.


Describe an average day in your role.

Not one day is the same, which is what I love the most about my job. Most moments of the day are spent corresponding with people via email, but I’ve also found myself doing plenty of newer tasks like model castings, social media editing and assistant interviews. I’ve found that the role is  one in which I’m able to grow, and it is essentially what I make of it. The ultimate goal is to book our talent jobs, and there’s range of ways this can be done. 


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in your role so far?

Working towards getting our talent big commercial or editorial jobs is always exciting, especially when you see the incredible outcomes. I also love to meet with the artists at events and build relationships within the industry. There are many exciting day-to-day moments in this role, and although it’s sometimes quite high pressured, it’s also super rewarding.   


What do you consider are the key qualities you need have to have to be Junior Agent?

I think a real sense of confidence is most important in this role, as you are constantly communicating with clients, talent and of course, your colleagues. Personality is also key, particularly when building relationships with clients.  Initiative is essential, as you’ll often stumble upon challenges or tasks that’ll need to be resolved in a matter of minutes. A desire and natural love for the industry also helps, as it’s what will keep you striving to get the most for your artists.