Gabriella Chaudri

PR & Management Assistant, Donna Management

Gabriella Chaudri

How did you get your job at Donna Management? 

The job was listed on the Condé Nast College career emails, which are sent to students and alumni. I loved the sound of it and applied directly. My past experience in PR and editorial combined with my personal attributes turned out to be a great fit for the role and company. 


What was it like on the first day? 

I was thrown straight into the fast-paced lifestyle of talent management.  I was immediately introduced to all the clients and started gaining hands on experience from day one, which I loved! 


Is working at Donna Management what you expected? 

As it’s such a small company I'm given far more responsibility than I could have ever imagined. The exposure and the new challenges I'm confronted with every day is what I love most about the role. 


Describe an average day as PR & Management Assistant at Donna Management 

There really is no average day! In the morning I will scan and circulate any coverage for our clients. The rest of the day ranges from pulling in samples for events, pitching to clients and brands, and attending fittings, photoshoots and events with my colleagues at Donna Management.


What's the most exciting thing you've done in your role so far? 

I worked on the set of a photoshoot for one of our clients, Millie Mackintosh, who was debuting her new clothing line a few weeks ago. There’s a great buzz and excitement being in this environment. Last weekend I went to Glastonbury with four of our clients to work on brand collaborations we set up for the festival . I've also attended some great events with the team such as LCM shows. I could go on forever, I'm very lucky with the opportunities this role has given me!  


What are the key qualities you have to be a PR and Management Assistant? 

Calm, personable, creative, organised, proactive and hard working.