Ella May Sangster

Fashion Retail Coordinator Net-a-Porter

Ella May Sangster

How did your get your job at Net a Porter? 

I was tipped off by a friend who said there was a vacancy for a Retail Coordinator for Fashion Jewellery. Luckily I was accepted for an interview and to my delight I was offered the job the following day. 

What was it like on your first day?

My first day was THE most over whelming experience of my whole life. I was completely petrified. The office was the biggest thing I had ever seen. However everyone was super friendly and kind – I was the youngest starter in our group by a long way which was also quite intimidating but thankfully, as the day went on, with many introductions and talks, I began to understand the incredible degree of organisation and efficiency that takes place in order for the Net-a-Porter Group to run so smoothly. It was a huge eye opener and I began to feel excited and very proud that I had been accepted into the company. 

Is working at Net-a-Porter what you expected?

Starting work at Net-a-Porter was a big shock to the system. I felt very much thrown in at the deep end, especially being the youngest in my team with no experience - it was all very challenging. Having said that, I have been given lots of support and training and now feel that I am slowly finding my feet. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful and there is always someone who is willing to give you a helping hand no matter how busy they are.

Describe an average day of a Retail Coordinator for Fashion Jewellery.

My role is incredibly full on and there is never a moment to spare - it is endless! Looking after the fashion jewellery department globally means you never run out of things to do. In the morning I make APAC (Asia) my priority, throughout the day I focus on INTL (England, International) and then I spend my afternoons with AM (America). I work very closely with my buyers and merchandisers to ensure that the stock arrives into the business on time. I look after around 75 brands but that number is increasing each season. My priority is to keep a good relationship with all my vendors and make sure they are happy with what is featured online for customers to buy.  I visit the warehouse once every two weeks to check for any problems, discrepancies or wrong shipments. Emails, emails, emails – I get an average of 180 a day these all have to be actioned and authorised. In a nut shell every day is just as busy as the next. 

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in your role so far?

My favourite part of my role is when we have something called ‘Brand Academies’. This is when the brand/designers come in to the offices and talk us through their collections and the inspirations. It’s an incredible privilege to be given a first hand understating of the collections from the creators themselves.

What are the key qualities you need for your role as Fashion Retail Coordinator?

I would say the main qualities for this role would be time-management! Learning how to prioritise is the key quality behind this role. You have to also be quick, incredibly organised and have a key understanding of how each brand works. Excel and Outlook are the main and key programmes we use every day so a really good technical proficiency helps too.