Alice Herbert

PR & Events Assistant at Tiffany & Co.

Alice Herbert

How did your get your job at Tiffany & Co?

After seeing an article on Tiffany in Stella magazine I was inspired to visit their careers website and found this position advertised. After I applied, three rounds of interviews then followed. I hadn’t met anyone who had worked here before - so it is possible to find a job without using connections!


What was it like on your first day?

This was my first full-time job, so I felt under pressure to be confident and knowledgeable from the start. However the first few days ended up being great as it was all focused upon me getting to know the different teams and hearing about the things they do.


Is working at Tiffany as you expected?

As Tiffany is such a huge, global brand, I expected to feel like one tiny part of it, possibly a little insignificant. But away from the ‘bigger picture’, the PR team I work in is small, close and everyone has a voice that can be heard.


Describe an average day in your role.

My main tasks are focused on liaising with press, suggesting jewellery for fashion features, and organising the logistics of photo-shoots. Unlike ready-to-wear, there aren’t scheduled seasons or press days as such, but there are lots of events for customers and press, which I assist in planning daily.


What’s the most exciting thing you’ve done in your role so far?

Celebrity dressings are pretty exciting!


What are the key qualities you have to have to be PR & Events Assistant for UK & Europe at Tiffany?

Be interested in what’s going on - in media, magazines and with competitors - this helps with PR strategy planning and anticipating what press will respond well to. And above all keeping a level head when everything’s happening at once!