Condé Nast College

Letter from the Principal

There is a mildly amusing story about how I broke into the world of fashion magazines some 25 years ago, most of which revolves around a small case of mistaken identity and a huge stroke of luck. Unfortunately, particularly in these highly competitive times in which we now live, luck just can’t be depended upon. We believe that we have created a unique educational offering that, with its strong vocational bias, will arm a whole new generation of students with the skill and capability to pursue a successful career in the fashion industry. It is, of course, still an industry famously difficult to break into. As a result, the courses that we offer have been expressly designed to help students open up those famously closed doors.

Whichever path students choose to pursue, at Condé Nast College they gain the sort of intensive grounding that enable them to perform with intelligence and skill wherever they go. In short, our alumni leave the College with not only a vastly improved understanding of how the fashion industry works but also a significantly more informed idea about which part of the business they might like to work in and a greatly improved chance of attaining that ambition. Since opening in April 2013, graduates of our courses are already in fantastic jobs around the world.

Susie Forbes

Susie Forbes, Principal